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Pairs of Socks Donated: 93,988

FOOTSTEPS by YCS is a socially responsible subscription business with the goal to change lives. Each time you purchase and put on a pair of our socks, you will love how they feel, and you will feel good knowing you gave a pair to someone in need at the same time. BUY ONE-GIVE ONE

Clean socks are the most-requested item in homeless shelters, and one of the least-often donated.

We match EVERY order purchased, one for one, by donating socks to a homeless shelter. 

We’ve been making cool custom socks since 2013 as Your City Sports. YCS was founded in 2013 after volunteering for an event for the homeless where we learned that socks were the #1 need for people on the streets. We didn’t have any socks to give out and we went home that night inspired to do something about the need. While putting away our sons’ brightly colored socks, we came up with the Buy One - Give One idea to get socks to the homeless.

We started with custom socks for teams, clubs, schools, business etc. and about 6 months ago we were inspired to find a way to expand – this sock subscription is the result. FOOTSTEPS by YCS!

We’re excited to share our socks with you! We know you’ll love our socks, and the satisfaction you will feel knowing that you’re making a difference every month. Hey, you need socks anyway…why not do a GREAT THING at the same time!

Join the movement! And follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see what we’ve done recently.

Carolyn Colwell


You're doing a great thing...and it's making a difference in peoples' lives all over the country. 

Here are  a few of the notes we've received.  

Thank you!!






Size Guide
Fits approx. shoe sizes
Fits approx. shoe sizes
Small/Medium 3 - 7 4 - 8
Large 7 - 14 8 - 15


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